Sheet metal processing


We are an advanced contract manufacturer and it is essential that our work process provides for precise production within the set timeframe with the smallest possible number of defects.

We specialise in small series production, therefore it is of utmost importance that the design, development and planning of the production is done in a precise and timely manner.

As we realise that the cost of ownership of a unique or small series product can be volatile, we also provide all of the post-sales activities, thus lowering the risk of increased ownership costs over time.

Our current portfolio of production services includes:

  • Design and development: our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers regularly tackles the issues of cost-efficiency in production, maintenance and distribution with an innovative approach.
  • Sheet metal processing of single parts: the latest in laser and other related technologies allows for an accurate and timely production with extremely low deficit rate
  • Welding of composites: the parts that require welding are produced in our contemporary welding chamber.
  • Final assembly: the clients can expect their products to come assembled to the agreed degree which allows for finalisation and inclusion of additional electronic or other components.
  • Testing:all of the products and projects are tested for quality during the production process as well as prior to packaging.
  • Packaging: we provide packaging to specification in accordance with the shipping requirements, so that the shipping costs are minimised.
  • Logistics: we routinely provide for the logistical support for all of our regular shipments, as well as the shipping in special emergency circumstances.
  • Production of spare parts: aAs all of the products manufactured by Manta have the complete production documentation, production of spare parts is possible even years after the closing of the original contract.
  • Maintenance and support: in some circumstances more demanding maintenance of the products produced by Manta is needed. In these cases and if possible, our staff is also ready to tackle the issue at the client’s location.